SIKA team aims to provide a web platform for its employees/team for managing their customer promotions and discounts. The designed application is to be a connector between the existing ERP and team. It so designed that the output of ERP becomes the input for the web-app and the output of web-app is the input for ERP.

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In the digital world, manual approval for the customer rebates is tedious, and keeping this as the goal the application has been built. Through the application the customer rebates for upcoming year could be prepared and approved by keeping it aligned with the current year sales and master list of discounts. A 5-step workflow process has been implemented in the application for achieving this goal.

The Import/Export section allows the user to upload the ERP generated files to the web-app. The support team can upload the sales, customer and discounts master files of current year. Based on the upload files each customer’s details gets populated and generated in the application for further processes. If any records have SLA breaks cases then it is sent for approvals to the customer group heads. The customer representative can update the planned customer discounts and record details and send it for approval. After the customer record updating the customer records undergoes a 2-step approval workflow. A sequential approval workflow is followed here and also accommodates the to and fro approval and rejection process. Only after the complete 2-step approval of customer record is it available for export. The support team could export the updated files (approved customer records based generated files) from the web-app.

The application is so designed that it highlights the SLA break case when updating the customer record. The SLA break cases are checked after the importing of files to the web-app and also when the changes are being made in the customer records by users. SLA break approval workflow has also been implemented to handle these cases. The break-up of current year sales for a customer at product, product variants and overall sales aids a user to decide the discounts to be provided to the customer at each level. The real-time alerts shown when updating customer records about SLAs and discount faults allows them to rectify accordingly at ease.

The Customer records list section allows the user to know about the updated status/approval level of a customer record.

The application SIKA, is designed to be a customer rebates management platform, which allows a user to work on their customer records and manage the sales discounts for upcoming year.

Customer SIKA Group
Industry Business/IT Service
Technology PHP 7 - Symfony Framework, MYSQL, HTML, Jquery, Javascript