Mobile Apps

Our mobile app team creates apps for small and medium clients with excellent design and the highest quality within a reasonable time and budget. Our team comprises native and hybrid app developers.

Mobile Apps

With the right combination of our local consulting team in Europe, UAE, and USA, we are above to understand client needs precisely and translate that to our development team in Kerala, India. Since we have a large team in Kerala, we can also expand in a short time. Apart from building an app based on client needs, we also offer extended resources for our clients. This way, clients can integrate our team members to be a part of their team and even spin-off at a later stage.

Developing a mobile app can take from weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the mobile app. Depending on the need and complexity, we decide to develop as a Native App or Hybrid App.

Mobile Application Development

PIT Solutions is well-versed in developing Mobile apps using Native and Hybris technologies. Native apps are developed using software development tools (SDK) for a certain software framework, hardware platform or operating system. For example, Android app is built using Java Development Kit on Java platform and iOS app built using iOS SDK, Swift and Objective C. Whereas Hybrid apps are built using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Nowadays there are main Hybrid App frameworks available with which we can build powerful mobile apps. Popular frameworks are React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin and .NET MAUI.

The process to realize an app project consists of the following phases:

1. Specification/Wireframe

At this important phase, we take the time to sit down with our client and understand exactly what their needs are. If a client already has a detailed specification, we can proceed to the next stage of estimating. Otherwise, we offer a prototyping/requirements phase that involves a few days of work. We will provide an estimate for this process. After consultation, our local team will then develop a clickable prototype/wireframe that will give the client an idea of the end result. This is an excellent basis for our team in Kerala to make an accurate estimate of the project and provide a cost and schedule for the entire project.

2. Estimation

Based on the deliverables from the above phase, we will prepare a detailed offer and submit it to the client. If they are fine, we will go to the contract step. 

3. App development 

In this phase, the actual realization of the project happens. Our project manager at the local office communicates with our team in Kerala and manages the project. The project manager plans the project and submits the plan to our client. We usually follow Agile methodology viz. Scrum. We generally follow a 2-3 weeks sprint so the clients can see the progress early enough.  

4. Testing and bug fixing

Once development is complete, our testing team will take over the app to review its usability, features, and any other relevant aspects. Should any issues be found, they are reported to the developers so that they can be fixed. After successful completion of the second round of testing, the app is ready to be handed over to the client for acceptance.

5. Publishing the app in the App Store & Google Play

We will take care of uploading the app to Apple App Store (iOS app) and Google Play Store (Android app). At this phase, we will coordinate with the client to get the necessary permissions for the store so we can upload it smoothly. Alternatively, we can also guide our clients to get through this process.

iOS Mobile Application Development
  • JSON
Frameworks for iOS
  • MapKit Framework
  • NotificationCenter framework
  • WebKit framework
  • AVFoundation framework
  • CoreLocation Framework
  • Social Framework
  • StoreKit Framework
  • AddressBook Framework
  • UIKit framework
  • MessageUI Framework
  • StoreKit Framework
  • NotificationCenter framework

Android Mobile Application Development
  • Android Studio
  • Fluid UI app prototyping
  • Android emulator
  • Hierarchy Viewer
  • Lint
  • sQLITE
  • Systrace
  • Proguard
 Cross-Platform & Hybrid Apps

We develop cross-platform and hybrid apps with the following framework

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • ionic
  • Xamarin

We have experience in the following sectors:

  • Business Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Internal Company Apps
  • Tutorial Apps
  • Messaging Apps
  • Ad platform

Wireframe/ Prototype

As you see below, how a wireframe/prototype looks like. Such a visualization with clickable feature to move from one page or section to another gives you a nice overview of how the apps look and behave in the end. This is output of Specification/Wireframe phase.

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