PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Thejaswani Technopark
Trivandrum, Kerala

Brigade World Trade Center
Infopark, Kochi, Kerala

Senior React Native Developer
Vollzeit Technopark (Trivandrum) und Infopark (Kochi)

Erfahrung : Minimum of 4+ years of professional experience in mobile application development.

Mindestqualifikation : Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field

Job Description:

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior React Native Developer to join our development team. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of mobile application development, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for delivering high-quality products. As a Senior React Native Developer, he will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Development: Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable React Native code.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with product managers, designers, and other developers to conceptualize, build, test, and release products.
  • Performance Optimization: Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.
  • Code Reviews: Conduct code reviews to maintain code quality and share knowledge with the team.
  • Testing: Write and maintain unit and integration tests to ensure software quality.
  • Troubleshooting: Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs.
  • Mentorship: Mentor junior developers and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement and technical excellence.

  • Experience: Minimum of 4+ years of professional experience in mobile application development. 
  • React Native Expertise: Proven experience with React Native and related libraries. 
  • Cross-Platform Development: Strong understanding of mobile development for both iOS and Android platforms. 
  • JavaScript/TypeScript: Proficient in JavaScript and TypeScript. 
  • State Management: Experience with state management libraries such as Redux or MobX. 
  • API Integration: Strong experience with RESTful APIs and third-party libraries. 
  • Testing Frameworks: Familiarity with testing tools and frameworks such as Jest and Detox. 
  • Version Control: Proficient with Git and version control workflows. 
  • UI/UX: Good understanding of UI/UX principles and best practices.  

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Native Modules: Experience with writing native modules for React Native. 
  • Continuous Integration: Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines. 
  • Cloud Services: Experience with cloud services such as AWS, Firebase, or Azure. 
  • Agile Methodologies: Experience working in Agile development environments. 
  • Open Source Contributions: Contributions to open source projects are a plus.   
Soft Skills:
  • Problem Solving: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  • Communication: Excellent communication and teamwork skills. 
  • Leadership: Ability to lead and guide a team of developers. 
  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to new technologies and learn quickly.   

Senior React Native Developer
Vollzeit Technopark (Trivandrum) und Infopark (Kochi)
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