Android Silver: A change to look out for

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On October 22, 2008 a smartphone named HTC Dream with a new OS got introduced into the commercial market. It turned out to be a revolution and the OS went onto climb new heights in the years followed. As of 2013 the devices made using the OS is sold more than Windows, IOS and Mac OS devices. Yes we are talking about Android OS.


Ever since the initial launch, Android devices have undergone several evolutions which earned it, an ever increasing user community. Standing in 2014 many possess the latest version of Android OS – “Android 4.4 KitKat (API level 19)”. With a whole lot of features and supported devices Android OS holds a large share of the smartphone market. Since the smartphone market is widening its market to new heights what will be the plans that the makers of Android is focusing on. Only time can explain. But the rumors about the introduction of a new android programme have gained lot of enthusiastic hearts recently. A new programme called Android Silver.



Android Silver

Google’s smartphones and tablets are given the Nexus branding but silver is more like an advanced Nexus programme, but instead of one manufacturer and one device, Google will work with multiple firms on multiple devices. It’s not clear whether Nexus devices will continue with Android Silver devices or be replaced entirely.

Google wants to help manufacturers to deliver a better Android experience, so it is said that participating firms will get help from Google with development and marketing costs, and their devices will get privileged treatment when it comes to software updates.

There will be Android Silver kiosks in shops and a video support service for Silver users, but the existing Nexus programme will be stopped.



It should stand for the availability of wider choice of high-end Android devices at judicious prices, and those devices will be free from the bloatware, unwanted apps and customization that slows down devices. What these standards or requirements will be exactly is unclear at the moment. They are also likely to come with the latest version of Android, a stock version like Google Play editions, and fewer pre-installed apps

That’s because participating firms will have to agree to work with stock Android in much the same way Microsoft’s Signature programme banished bloatware from participating PCs. There are chances that Google will set some kind of price range or limit for Android Silver devices to make them attractive to customers.

The devices might be limiting the number of non-Google apps that are pre-installed on devices or ensure that phone owners will be able to uninstall them. The priority will be set to google apps.A customer do not have to be concerned about the updates related to the android version for silver devices.

Multiple Manufacturers?

Silver should help the smaller firms compete with Samsung. Companies that don’t have Samsung’s massive R&D and budgets will be able to benefit from Google’s financial support.

On the lower side, by becoming part of the Silver programme the manufacturers may find it difficult to differentiate their products from one another: if the rumors are correct and Google is specifying the hardware as well as the software and hence the manufacturers cannot do much to make their devices different from their competent devices.


Who and Why?

LG and Motorola may be joining hands with google for initial devices. Others are expected to follow.

By regulating the manufacturers, Google can ensure consistency and quality across devices – perhaps a Full HD screen and a quad-core processor will be minimum specs -something that isn’t always available in a regular smartphone. By working more closely with manufacturers, Google can ensure that Silver customers get the best possible Android experience.

Even though it sounds great, but there’s another rumor going around that Google gives away Android because it wants users‘ data and Samsung’s dominance is a threat to that. If Samsung junctions or drops android that will leave a large loss in Google’s data gathering.

By putting the Android brand at the centre of multiple firms‘ marketing and helping those firms better compete with Samsung, Silver could be an attempt to minimize the loss Samsung could cause. If Silver is successful, it might just convince Samsung to stick with Android for longer.

Android Silver: When will it be on hands?

When will these Android Silver devices arrive? Well, it’s unlikely to be this year because the launch of new devices like the Nexus 6, Nexus 8 and a new Nexus 10 is to be finalized. Most probably by next year we’ll be able to hear more about Android Silver.

Information Courtesy: Techradar,PC Advisor


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