Magento commerce – SAP ByD integration project

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PIT Solutions is proud to present this extremely challenging ecommerce project done by our Magento team.


Risch-shoes is a webshop built in the latest ecommerce tool called Magento(developed in PHP) .The website acts as an interface to the end user to select shoes from a wide variety of shoes. The users have option to attend scan events conducted by Risch Shoes and in the scan event the size of the foot are measured. As soon as the size is measured using a footer scanner machine the sizes are saved in the server. The user can then login to the website and order the shoes of his choice, the size will be automatically taken from the server.Only users who have attended the scan event can purchase shoes.Other products are available for normal users to shop.

The scan events can be managed from the magento backend. The events will be listed in the website and users can register for an event and also select an available time slot. We developed a custom extension to manage the events and registration.

The shop is connected with SAP ByD to synchronize Customers and Orders in both directions. We developed a custom extension in Magento for the same.


php 5.2.4
mysql 5.0

Key Issues

Technical Challenges:
The foot measures of the user are saved in the scanner machine server. We have to send the details of users when he registers and store it in the server and also get back the measures.
To send and receive the data from the scan server we have used web service and integrated it into Magento.
Another challenge was to provide option to manage the scan events and also possibility to register for events from the website.
Magento doesn’t provide such a feature and we build an extension to manage the scan events from backend and register for events.
UI Challenges
The layout and workflow of product listing and attribute selection and filter was different from normal Magento shops. We customized and integrated the layout and workflow.

Final Deployment

The site is hosted in a Linux Web server. We provided support for the Server configuration and installations.

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