PIT Solutions Whitepapers

PIT Solutions Whitepapers are carefully prepared for developers as well as for customers on specific topics. Contents are carefully created by our core team using their hands-on experience in projects as well as R&D. Download and Enjoy reading!

Ways to Optimize Magento Store Performance

This whitepaper emphasizes the importance of speed optimization and outlines methods for testing a store's performance. Enhancing performance significantly through the implementation of speed optimization techniques fosters a seamless user experience. It is crucial to test performance and apply speed optimization tips. Unoptimized Magento stores risk losing customers, making speed optimization vital for user satisfaction and retention.


Headless Magento 2

Headless Magento 2 is a powerful approach to ecommerce that provides businesses with a flexible and customizable solution for their online stores. By decoupling the frontend and backend, headless Magento 2 allows for greater control over the customer experience, faster page load times, and improved performance.This white paper explores the benefits and challenges of implementing a headless Magento 2 solution, as well as best practices for creating a successful headless ecommerce platform.


Digitalization of a fragmented industry

Digitalizing existing businesses opens new efficiencies, new communication channels, and new business opportunities. Ultimately, it can transform the way things are done. PIT Solutions is proud to present a case on how we have helped to transform a traditional business into digital business.


Migrate to SAP Commerce Cloud

From a SAP Commerce Customer's perspective, we believe this is the right time to migrate your SAP Commerce solution to the public cloud (CCV2) from the old on-premise or CCV1. SAP Commerce Cloud Solution will make an overall positive impact on your business including flexibility, reliability, scalability, and revenues. Our Whitepaper narrates why it's relevant and how it can be achieved.


Automated Translation in TYPO3

Leveraging the power of Deep learning, its possible for translating contents automitically in TYPO3 content management system. How this can be achieved is discussed in our Whitepaper which covers also an usage case study.

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