Mobile Apps 

Mobile app development is essential for businesses to offer convenient access to services and engage customers on the widely-used platform of mobile devices, ensuring competitiveness and growth in today's digital market.

Our Services

PIT Solutions specializes in crafting high-performance mobile apps using both native and hybrid technologies. With expertise in React Native and Flutter, we deliver seamless user experiences across platforms, helping businesses reach their mobile goals efficiently and effectively. 

Our Process

We have an established mobile app development process that helps you to realize your project in a smooth way.  It is a simple 5 step process. 

1. Specification/Wireframe   
Here, we usually sit down with the customer and try to understand their needs. If the client has already prepared a detailed specification, we can immediately move on to the next phase of estimation. If not, we offer a prototyping/request phase, which typically involves a few days of work, where our local team develops a clickable prototype/wireframe that will form the basis of the project. This way the client sees what they will get in the end, and this is a good basis for our team in Kerala to estimate the project and create a cost and schedule for the entire project.

2. Effort Estimation   
Based on the results of the above phase, we prepare a detailed proposal and present it to the client. If they agree, we proceed to the contract stage.

3. App Development   
In this phase, the actual realization of the project takes place. Our project manager in the local office communicates with our team in Kerala and manages the project. The project manager plans the project and passes the planning on to the customer. We usually follow the agile methodology. We usually follow 2- 3-week sprints so that clients can see the progress early enough.

4. Testing and Bug Fixing   
Once development is complete, the app is handed over to our testing team. The main purpose of this phase is to see different aspects of the finished app, such as user experience, functionalities, etc. If there are any shortcomings, this is reported to the developers, and they will fix these issues. After that, the testing team conducts another round of testing and if everything is fine, the app is handed over to the client for acceptance testing.

5. Publication of the app in the App Store & Google Play   
We take care of uploading the app to the Apple App Store (iOS app) and Google Play Store (Android app). In this phase, we coordinate with the customer to obtain the necessary permissions for the store so that we can upload the app smoothly. Alternatively, we can also support our customers in going through this process.

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