Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service and products. Our quality assurance practices cover all aspects of our operations, going beyond just software development. We understand that quality is not just about the finished product, but about all the activities, both direct and indirect, that are involved in the creation of a service or product. We strive to ensure that our quality policy is a part of all the daily decisions our team makes, so that our clients can have complete assurance in the quality of our offerings.

HR & Training Process

Capable people are the backbone of any business. At PIT Solutions, we believe in the strengths and abilities of our employees and allow them to improve their skills. Training programs on soft skills as well as technical and quality-related aspects are conducted regularly. During the induction program, we give special emphasis on quality so that employees can inculcate the element of quality in their minds.

The recruitment process is organized in such a way to attract the best intellect in the area and then a rigorous screening process is used to find the best among the best. We take special care in identifying process-oriented persons who are striving for continuous improvement.

Work environment

The management is pledged to provide a pleasant atmosphere and environment conducive to enhancing the skills and motivating the employees to the hilt. Here we follow an open culture where there is the chance for every individual to pursue his/her professional aspirations.

Code Review

Code review is given utmost importance at PITS, with the philosophy in mind that defects/bugs found at the earliest stage reduce the quality related problems at a later stage when it is costly to make the fixes. Our rich experience in project execution has taught us that code review is more economical than bug fixing. So the emphasis of our quality assurance is more on eliminating chances of program failure early on as against identifying bugs at a later stage through testing and then fixing them.


At PIT Solutions, we never allow delivery to happen without extensive testing by our well-equipped testing team. Here we have a capable testing team of 12-15 members who can handle any type of testing required for any software. The team has extensive experience in testing web applications, client-server applications, stand-alone consumer products as well as educational software. This is one way of ensuring the quality of the project we deliver. Read about our Testing Process.


We collect 360-degree feedback within and outside the organization. By soliciting feedback from the client regularly, we measure how good the quality of our services is. Internally, we solicit feedback at all levels to identify and enhance the best practices and to isolate and eliminate the bad practices.


We believe in the popular principle that we cannot control what we cannot measure. To have control over processes and change them for the better, we have a few metrics  in place even for abstract functions. Individual, team and project performances and successes are translated to accepted measures. The accumulated detailed metrics gives us tremendous information about what is going on, and throws clear indications on where to tweak next.