Webshopextension shop is live!!

By Soumia George on October 15, 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of our new webshop, www.webshopextension.com, where our customers can shop for extensions developed by PIT Solutions. Currently, the shop showcases extensions developed for Magento, Drupal and Odoo.

We offer customization of the extensions on request. Customers can easily contact our team using the form available on each product page, or by means of the support page available at


See below for the extensions available in the shop.

Magento Fastcheckin Extension

Fast check-in module allows to reduce standard steps of product check-in process and also provides warehouse employees a convenient interface to quickly check-in a product.


Magento Warehouse Management Extension

Warehouse management extension facilitates product check-in and check-out for updating inventory stock. Warehouse extension can be installed in a tablet, which the warehouse employees can carry with them while moving around in the warehouse. The extension helps to perform with ease the following activities: Check-in, checkout, rack search, order listing, manual and scan mode of shipment creation.


Magento Faktura Webapp Extension

This extension facilitates the shop owners to import the orders of an online Magento shop to a web application and process them. The shop owner can manage real shop orders also from this web application. This webapp extension can be used for order management and invoice management.


Drupal Commerce Wallee Extension

This is an extension which adds Wallee Payment gateway to “Drupal Commerce” Module. The module uses Wallee iframe integration method so the users will not be redirected from the site.


Odoo Wallee extension

Odoo Wallee extension from PIT Solutions is a connector between Wallee and Odoo web shop. It is a standardized way to accept payments via a multitude of different payment providers in the world. It is a single payment gateway to send payments to Adyen, Braintree, Ingenico, Heidelpay, PostFinance, Concardis, FirstData, Datatrans, SagePay, Barclaycard  etc.


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