Enhancing CMS capability of SAP Commerce with TYPO3


We at PIT Solutions have a unique combination of expertise with both SAP Commerce and TYPO3. That made us solve a particular usecase with ease. We will explain that use case, along with the approach we took and the outcome we got, all in this case study.

Use Case

A customer already invested and familiar with TYPO3 for their primary websites and have employees trained in TYPO3 wishes to establish a store with SAP CC. This forced us to think about the integration.

Comparable scenarios

  • Customers who have already developed their main websites using different front-end frameworks can effortlessly integrate a store. They have the option to maintain their existing front-end modules while establishing a headless site with SAP, leveraging TYPO3 as its headless CMS. 
  • Customers who desire to utilize comprehensive CMS functionality alongside their store capability require a robust CMS, rather than opting for a complex out-of-the-box CMS provided by SAP Commerce.


As outlined in the diagram above, we facilitated communication from SAP CC to TYPO3 through the OCC layer REST API, extending from SAP CC to our custom TYPO3 extension, secured with OAuth. This approach provides an additional advantage in tailoring the solution for TYPO3 users' configuration needs.

For example, the TYPO3 admin can customize the following for a search result page:

  • The number of products displayed during the initial load.
  • The presentation format, whether as a list or grid.
  • And additional configurations.


Search result page

Product detail page

Product detail page

Product detail page

A specimen of TYPO3 admin view

A specimen of TYPO3 admin view

A specimen of TYPO3 admin view

Adaptive Search View with the same search results

Business benefits

We adhered to the high-level architecture, enabling us to seamlessly integrate TYPO3 CMS into the SAP CC Store. This integration means that SAP CC manages all aspects of:

  • Product Management
  • User Management
  • Cart Management
  • Order Management
  • Transactions

In the meantime, TYPO3 oversees: 

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Login/Register functionality
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Responsiveness


Overall, our adherence to a high-level architecture facilitated the seamless integration of TYPO3 CMS into the SAP CC Store. With SAP CC handling critical aspects such as product management, user management, and transactions, and TYPO3 managing content, user experience, and SEO, we have provided our customers with a powerful and well-rounded solution that meets their diverse needs.

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