CISS, believes that an integrated information security & risk management would be an ideal competitive advantage for organization. The designed 360inControl® web application focuses on the internal control system of an organization. The goal is to empower organizations to standardizing their processes and systems to global quality standards such as – ISO and CMMI. This is achieved through a comprehensive control library which supports conducting audits and assessments from various viewpoints.

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The application segregation of the different modules has been done in a smart way enabling an easiness in management. Many organizations fail to maintain/qualify the set quality standards internationally. The control library equips the organization with the requirements of the international standards for their key business areas and services and sets the required testing evidences and justification for the same within the organization. The execution of process/service assessments assists in identification of non-conformities within the organization. Audits and assessments helps to conduct independent assessments and advises on possible improvements. 

Identifying risk and its on-time resolution is essential for an organization. The risk management module, assists in the execution of risk assessments of a project or enterprise. It aids in identifying which kinds of incidents an organization might have to face and the possible resolutions of the same. Identifying the areas which need organizational attention improve the administration process. Business impact analysis, an upcoming module, aims to analyze business processes and learn which ones require deeper assessment. The regular check of the effectiveness and efficiency of the organizational controls helps to improve the controls. Control activities, another upcoming module in the solution, is designed for helping organizations to manage their organizational controls to achieve their business objectives.

The application 360inControl®, is designed to be a new generation Internal Control System (ICS) which comprises of governance risk & compliance (GRC), information security management (ISMS) and audit & assessment management. A one shop solution with all these functions and enhanced usability. Digitalization and centralization can be started from day one using 360inControl®

Customer CISS GmbH
Industry Consultancy
Technology Ruby on Rails, ElasticSearch, MySQL, AWS