ArisingKerala is an initiative of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption department, Government of Kerala. An interactive and creative anti-corruption action system – is a platform where people could report unethical events. Based on the truthfulness of the event, this will be send for further investigations, through the media channels and further the status of the case is highlighted to the public.

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For a better governance system, each work areas are segregated as Departments and Region and has been implemented in the application. In-order to obtain an accurate details, the app consists of fields like Departments, Districts (Regions) and Types, which are mandatory when reporting an issue. To keep the users updated about the events related to their issues, section like News has been implemented. In this area, users with Media Personnel’s role can add/update events and results of such cases.

For avoiding false charges and reporting by users, only the administrator approved posts are published and submission of proofs are also mandatory. When an investigation is initiated, these provided proofs by the users are considered. The application restricts users from deleting a post and its contents. The Notifications and Emails features ensures that the users are updated with the statuses of the posts. Suggestions and Recommendations from the users are encouraged and can be posted under the Suggestions Section.

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