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BKW Group specializes in energy and infrastructure business which includes - building technologies, infrastructure engineering and digital business models for renewable energies to traditional multi-utility infrastructure services. Through the blog, it aims to provide a platform for its viewers to be updated about the trends in energy and infrastructure industry.

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This blog has many nice features eg. If a latest post is added in Twitter and Vimeo, it will be showcased in Blog too. Users can also share the blog posts through your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn and also through emails. Evenif a post can be a work of more than one author, there is a co-authoring feature, which facilitates in adding all the authors for the post. By this feature usage, both authors gets listed in the author box for the post. 

The featured post option, allows the users to make their post listed as the latest post in the category view so that it gets viewed by more audience. In a post, the author can add the relevant images or a gallery box, videos and info-box. For making the blog interactive, a comment feature is available. Here users can comment on the post and provide their reviews/feedbacks. Each author has a page, so when a viewer clicks on the author name they can view some of his details and all posts published by that author.

The search option, enables the viewers to search for posts which contains the user specified keywords. The multi-lingual feature of the blog, allows the authors to publish posts in German and French language. With the help of the language switcher the blog language could be changed. The “More about Subject”, lists all the posts which share the same subject as a post which is being viewed by the user. As changes are constant and we may not be always updated about the changes, the blog provides an option for subscribing the BKW newsletter, by providing the user’s email id.

Customer BKW
Industry Energy and Infrastructure
Technology PHP 7, Wordpress 4.6.1, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, MySQL, GIT, Google Analytics