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Breitensport is a mobile application ideated by Swiss Rock’n’Roll Confederation (SRRC). The objective of the project is to provide a mobile application where the public users could discover and train themselves in the different exercises / dances in the application. As they complete an exercise level, they higher levels gets unlocked.

Breitensport is a free app that the public can download and install the app in their mobile. Visitors of the application can register themselves to the application by providing their basic details such as name, email id etc. User can login to the application by providing the username and password. Once they successfully logged in, they can see different levels available in the application. Each levels will be unlocked after completing the different exercises in the each level. The user itself can decide whether he satisfied with the exercise or not. He can select feedback from the 3 status such as ‘Nope’, ‘Shaky’ and ‘Yeah’. They can play repeatedly until they get satisfied.

Based on the levels the user covered, the motivation will be added up in the screen. In addition, user can see the status of tasks, which he played. A milestone point also will be created after reaching certain points.

In the settings page, the user can change their passwords, edit their profile and change the language. It currently supported 3 languages such as English, German, and French.

Customer Swiss Rock'n'Roll Confederation (SRRC)
Industry Sports
Language German, French and English
Technology Flutter, Symfony, MySQL