The C2D (Centre for Research on Direct Democracy) is an academic research center dedicated to the study of direct democratic institutions (referendum and initiative) around the world, their history, legal nature, functioning and political implications.

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PIT Solutions delivered an extremely user friendly website with a content management system developed in PHP. The heart of the C2D is an electronic database on direct democracy in Switzerland, Europe and the world. This database contains information on the institutions (referendum and popular initiative) of direct democracy as well as on their use in popular votes.  Visitors to this website can easily access the vote results on popular referendum from all over the world. A search facility based on geography, year, themes and institution is also provided.

Details on masters and doctoral theses from the collaborators of C2D, and the conferences organized by C2D are available in the website. C2D has an online series of publications called C2D Working Papers which is registered with the Swiss National Library as an online series. For most past projects you can download a research report. For some of the conferences organized by C2D you can download conference proceedings.

The C2D library comprises an extensive bibliography on direct democracy and related themes. The collection encompasses a considerable number of standard works and literature on direct democracy in general, instruments of direct democracy, direct democracy in Switzerland, Germany, the Latin American states and other nations on the national and sub national level. Users have an option to search for results based on author, title, geography, year or bibTEX type.

The C2D website has a very simple and user friendly content management system which allows the administrators to easily add, edit, or delete any data on any of the above categories mentioned. Automated result calculation of referendum is also possible in the CMS.

Customer University of Zürich
Industry Education
Technology Mysql, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax