CHAIRZONE is a web based E-shop for selling mainly office chairs produced by Swiss and international brands. CHAIRZONE is a fully responsive website developed using magento shop framework in PHP with MySQL as the database and is hosted in a managed dedicated server. In general it is a comprehensive web platform which helps its customers to purchase chairs. A separate web application is designed and developed for tablet for warehouse management. We have used magento shop thanks to the scalability and wide range of extensions available for specific client needs.

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In the website, customer can browse through a list of different chair brands. They can also search and filter chairs and can add chairs to cart or can place orders to buy chairs. From the landing page of each brand, customer can download the PDF document detailing features of brand .Each time an order is processed then it will check the available stock and is proceeded to order processing stage. 

Stock Management part will be handled by warehouse employees using webapp developed by PITS. Stock-in is updated using a scan-in process using the webapp and likewise for check out a scan-out of the product is repeated using webapp. Before checking out, a shipment is generated. During each scan-in and scan-out process, product barcode and rack code will be scanned using the webapp. The webapp has two way synchronization with magento shop. This makes the whole process of order management very efficient for our client.

Industry Ecommerce
Technology Client Tier – PHP 5.4, Magento, Data Tier - MySQL 5.5, Operating Platform - LINUX, Web Server - Apache 2, Development Environment - Net beans, Eclipse, Source Control - SVN, HTML 4, CSS 2, jQuery 1.10.2, Datatrans payment gateway