Cyclinfo is a digital information portal providing the information of the Swiss bicycle industry. The goal is to strengthen the industry with tailor-made technical information.  The site provides daily news about industry, products and industry-related social issues. This is done mainly through the printed Cyclinfo magazine and the Internet portal. Besides these Cyclinfo displays the industry studies and market surveys, organized trips and seminars, distributing bicycle industry-specific literature to the bicycle passionated Users, also including the dealers and distributors.

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All the module and subscription in the Cyclinfo supplies the bicycle industry with in-depth background information on the market, technology and management. Cyclinfo Magazine and the online access Subscriptions are available for the registered users with a certain fee. The user must register with their profile information for using the services of the CyclInfo. The bicycle interested audience can avail the facility and enjoy their interests through the online portal and magazines. Cyclinfo also captures what is happening in the bicycle market and trends and upcoming technical design changes in the industry. The data can fetch the users all of the information related to bicycle market place, jobs in the field, deals, advertisement requests. The business to business deals are also done online where the Business bicycle marketers can market their business through Cyclinfo. The shop feature can also give some interesting bicycle products and the bicycle books information with the features.  

The registered users of the website can also view the list of events, seminars, or trips happening in the nearby areas for maximizing their interests in the field. In short the website is a consolidated web tool for the bicyclists and the other bicycle passionate users who want to update the knowledge on the industry. 

Customer Velomedien AG
Industry Sports
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