Delivros Webshop

Delivros is a web based teaching aids e-Shop helping schools to organise distribution of books and teaching scripts to students. Delivros is an individually developed software system. The term “Teaching aids” is used as a generic term for real books, e-books, scripts, presentations etc. It can be anything which the school recommends to the student and hands it out to the student before or during courses and semester. It’s built with Microsoft .Net Framework on by implementing Microsoft web application architecture with SQL Server 2012 as the database.

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In the website, students can order books or materials which is allocated to their semester using the access code for each product lists.  The materials can be different types such as printed books, bundles or eBooks. The system is integrated with external logistics provider. Each time an order processed it will check the available stock and then only it will process the order. The eBooks doesn’t need stock availability. The students can download eBooks with the provided activation code. The activation code will expire after certain period of time. The school admin can create the product list depending upon the visibility. The user and product management will be handled by Delivros Admin. A student or a school can access their account anytime on Delivros once the account is activated. It will be always secure and accurate.

Customer Delivros AG
Industry elearning, Education
Technology IIS 8.0 on Windows Server 2012, SQL Server Standard 2012, ASP.NET MVC 5, Partial Page rendering (jQuery / AJAX), JSON, jQuery / AJAX, Twitter Bootstrap