DTA is an online broker system between sales channel and contractor systems. It is a multi client capable Inventory system that concentrates different product catalogs of different contractors and provides access to product catalogs thereby offering Sales Channel Relevant Functionality.

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Contractors: The contractors could be Inventory/access systems for our clients Parking and Event solutions or any other third party Contractors .
Sales Channel: The Sales Channels could be Web-shops, Cash-Desk Systems, Vending machines, Mobile Solutions etc

Testing Services Offered

Different types of testing services are performed as part of testing They are,

  • Automate Testcase Generation
  • GUI/Usability Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Multi-lingual support testing
  • Web Service Testing
Technology Automatisierung - Excel, RIATest, Funktionsprüfung - Internes Werkzeug namens Test Client, Fehlerverfolgung - JIRA