Fairgate AG

Whether you are a small association with few volunteers, or you want to simplify and coordinate the processes as a large association/club, Fairgate offer efficient, comprehensive and modern association/club software. This is the most effective interface no matter if you own an organization like sports clubs, Federations, sub federations, nonprofit organizations, political organizations etc.

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This software has one goal: to facilitate administration and public relations with all technical means. In general, it is a most innovative platform that facilitates the management of all the activities in an association (e.g. club) that includes contacts management, sponsor management, Newsletter Management, SMS Management, Module booking, User rights Management, documents management, Finance administration, event management, website molding using layout, design and content management. Features of the Finance, Events and website modules are superior and state of the art.

Customer Fairgate AG
Industry Software
Technology PHP 7, Symfony Framework 3.4, Sonar, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, MySQL 5.7, GIT, APC