HD Uebersetzungen

HD Uebersetzungen takes care to ensure communication beyond language barriers. hd-uebersetzungen.ch is an online translation system with a mission to provide accurate translations to the customers for their brochure, website contents, reports, document etc. hd-uebersetzungen.ch works together with certified translators. All of them have a Masters degree’s and translate exclusively into their native language.

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In the website, users can create their own account and login to submit an order for translation. This website supports documents of formats doc, docx, xlsx, csv and txt file. The cost of translation is calculated based on word count. Word counter is programmed so that it can determine the number of words as accurately as possible. If there are deviations, customer can manually correct the number in the field. Website charge is made by DigiStore24 on customers account. Customers will have the choice between Mastercard, Visa and Paypal.

Customer hd-uebersetzungen.ch
Industry Ecommerce/Translations
Technology PHP 7, WordPress 4.9.8, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, GIT, MySQL