Huegli Tech

Huegli Tech is a leading Engineering company, supplier and wholesaler with core competencies in the engine governing systems, generating set controls, and engine starting solutions, gas engine management system, engine accessories and dual fuel conversions.  Our role was to build a web portal, which will essentially be a marketing tool influencing the suppliers, customers, partners of the Huegli Tech. 

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In this website, various products are categorized such as gas management system, governing systems, engine and genset controller, engine protection, starting solutions, battery care, oil treatment and recycling and thermostatic control valves. They are displayed with the picture and details are displayed regarding each products and its features. 

The different sectors of the applications worked by the Huegli Tech are marine, oil and gas, Industrial, offroad, power generation /CHP. Users can find the product by using an easy feature Product finder and search option. Product finder shows a graphical interface with the specific applications points for which we can navigate and see the related applications and the corresponding products. This section is more user friendly directing based on the user’s requirements. 

The company is spread over different locations providing training, support and services, consulting, Prototyping – customizing, assembly etc. The users can register as a free member and download all the subject related datasheets, brochures, manuals, software and much more. Some of the documents can also be freely downloaded. Presently, the Website is multilingual in German, English and Russian languages. News and events section displays all the important past and upcoming events in the organization.

Customer Huegli Tech, Schweiz
Industry Engineering Company
Technology PHP 7, TYPO3 8 LTS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, MySQL, GIT, opcache, Google Analytics