IBME Learning Tool (Scorm Application)

The application is meant to be a text research tool to give students the ability to solve the given tasks in an attractive way. PIT Solutions has partnered with Atfront AG, a leaning Agency focused on UI/UX and University of Zurich to deliver a user-friendly and attractive solution for handling the tasks.

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While the application is purely built using HTML and CSS templates, it also makes use of JavaScript logic. PIT Solutions was involved in the process of programming the application to create SCORMS out of the template content. The template is fully responsive.


The application creates SCORM’s from the content entered. SCORM is Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It is a collection of standards and specifications for web based electronic educational technology. The IBME application is SCORM based and interoperable with other SCORM based learning management systems.

Using this tool, students are allowed to select text fragments (single or multiple), assign the selected text to a list, remove it from a list or reassign the text to another list. There is a specific logic involved in rating. A user can rate based on scope (1-10) or combine ratio and scope rating together. Once this is done, the list is available in a copy-paste format to be saved to Trello, a web bases project management tool.

All data involved are SCORM’s Version 1.2 standard compliant. The SCORM's created by the application are later implemented in an OLAT which is a learning management system developed by and used at the University of Zurich.

Customer Atfront AG & University of Zurich
Industry E-learning
Language Deutsch, Englisch, skalierbar für weitere Sprachen
Browser compatibility IE11+, Microsoft Edge 14+, Latest Safari, Chrome and Firefox
Technology SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model), Trello, HTML, CSS, Angular2, Bootstrap/JQuery/SASS