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inckd aims to provide a mobile app as well as a web platform for tattoo artists and tattoo customers for tattooing through inckd. app. The application basically concentrated on the mobile app, but studio owners and customers web apps also giving support.

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In the digital world, manual contact between artists and customers is not that easy, especially if the artist is a freelance or is situated in a different region. Through the application, the Artist will get an option to expose his tattoo works, where the artist works, and in which all studios. A customer can view the public profile of any artist, have the option to chat with the artist, and can finalize a tattoo. Artist can see the history of the works he did through the app, upload images with no limits, bookmark images, and other tattoo artists. 

Inspiration/Search is considered as the heart of the application, where customers can search for tattoo images by using keywords and filters. Customers can find the corresponding artist who uploaded the tattoo images. Customers can also search tattoo images based on tattoo styles and directly search the artist who registered into the application.

Customers can visit artist profiles and can chat with the Artist. After having enough negotiation can fix an appointment by receiving a proper offer from the artist. Customers can also have the option to change the appointment, make payment through all the possible ways (all common payment gateways) that are available in the market.

We are providing 3 types of artist, freelancer, employee, and artist with own studio. As a freelancer artist, he can decide the tattoo price and set the share amount he needs to pay to the studio. Artist can send offers through mail, create an offer who chatted with him. Artists will get the payment for the completed tattoo through an automated bank transfer once every two weeks. Artists will also have the option to receive invoices, download year's invoices as part of tax returns. Artist will get the invoices through the mail and can download them as pdf if needed.

Studio owner, who can be an Artist or a separate individual. Inckd has a web app for studio owners to manage artist's work under him and payments. They can manage artists to their studio, can accept the share request, manage payment activities and even remove the artists from the studio web app account.

Other than Artist, Studio owners & Customer - the admin, who can manage the whole application. Through the backend with all basic visual features, can create discount coupons to different customers as part of marketing using third-party libraries like Vocherify and OneSignal. Also for better marketing and tracking purpose, Segment, a third-party tool is integrated and can track different activities and events of customers.

Customer inckd
Industry Business/IT Service
Technology React native, Python, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery