Jing Self Care

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Jing app give traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners to share the treatment plans with their patients. Based on the treatment plans, patient will get personalised instructional videos from the practitioner. It is from expertly curated range of Chinese medicine self-care resources.

Both practitioner and patient need to register to the system. Practitioner will add the patient under his list and will generate a code and share with the patient. Therefore, practitioner can communicate with patient and decide the treatment plans for that patient.

Since the app provides a series of videos, it is required to host the videos in a streaming server. For that we have used AWS.

The app also facilitates to the practitioners to setup their own branding. A patient programme can also be created. Practitioner can watch patient activity if patient opts to allow monitoring.

Customer Jing Selfcare
Industry Health
Language German, French and English
Technology Ionic, Angular, AWS, Laravel