Lasatec AG

Web application for e-commerce.

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Lasatec AG is a very big online store to sell Mechanical and electronic product accessories. This shop has been developed using Magento. And this shop is available in both German and French. Since this shop has more than 1000 categories and 10000 active products, a very accurate product search is inevitable. We have developed a very unique way to filter the most relevant products based on the search keyword provided by the visitor. This customized search feature searches only the SKU, name and description attributes of the products and filters the right products accordingly. And it also gives an option to the user to decide whether to search for all the product attributes or only these three specified attributes.

And this shop provides three different payment methods like invoice, credit card processed by Datatrans payment gateway and Paypal Standard. As most of its customers prefer to buy the products in bulk amount, the shipping charges will be based on the order amount and the destination/shipping country. And all these can be managed by the admin user from the store backend.

And the most highlighting and challenging feature of this Magento store is the automatic process of adding and updating products to the shop using the customized module developed by us. This module will process the text file from the ERP AS400 software which contains the list of products with names, SKUs, tier prices, categories, stock details and other product attributes specific to the business and read and validate it and insert/update those products to the Magento shop. It will log every action of this module as well as send an error log file that contains the errors during the import process to the respective persons mentioned in the back end.

Final Deployment

The site is hosted on a Linux Web server. We have been maintaining the site since its deployment.

Customer Lasatec AG
Industry Manufacturing/Automation
Language German
Technology Magento, Ajax, PHP 5.3.27, MySQL 5.5, Prototype, jQuery