MoA, the Manual of Acupuncture, is an innovative learning platform redefining acupuncture training through interactive and immersive experiences. Our task was to reconstruct and reintroduce the MoA app, addressing and rectifying the shortcomings present in the existing application. The client sought a comprehensive overhaul that would not only improve the teaching of acupuncture techniques and pressure points but also set new standards for excellence in the field.

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 We have achieved the following functionalities through the relaunch:

Unified Content Management System. We suggested implement a centralized cloud API that ensures uniformity between the web and mobile applications, resolving the issue of distributed content patterns and data mismatches. 

Version Control Mechanism: Introduce a robust version control mechanism to address versioning problems, ensuring that all features are consistently available across different app versions, eliminating discrepancies. 

Integrated Subscription Workflow: We suggested to simplify the subscription to one area to create a seamless experience. Allow users to subscribe through either the web or mobile app and grant access across platforms, ensuring a synchronized and user-friendly subscription process. 

Cross-Platform Content Integration: Develop a mechanism for seamless distribution of user-generated content across various platforms, promoting consistency and accessibility for users interacting with content on different devices. 

Enhanced Admin Interface: We suggested to implement a sophisticated admin panel design and implementation of admin interface to manage content efficiently. Move away from direct database management to a streamlined interface that enables easy content updates and modifications. 

Multilingual Support Implementation. Introduce multilingual support to the application, catering to a diverse user base with varied language preferences. This enhancement ensures a more inclusive and globally accessible platform for acupuncture education. 

Customer Manual of Acupuncture
Industry Health
Technology React Native, React JS, PHP 8, Laravel 10, MySQL8, Azure DevOps