The nuWay software solution is based on a client-capable, data-centric platform and user-oriented modules based on it. The whole solution makes services available to customers equally and regardless of location. In doing so, together with nuWay we have built on the power of the cloud and both on common BI algorithms and on machine learning as a sub-area of artificial intelligence.

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nuWay is a disruptive innovator in data-driven solutions to empower healthcare with its supply chain-oriented cloud SaaS solution nuMetrix. nuWay solution helps in digital transformation in logistics and supply chain of healthcare. The aim of nuWay is to link existing solutions and close digital gaps with innovative cloud applications.

The solution includes five main topics relating to data management and process control, which are of vital importance for modern service providers. They are Analytics & Research, revenue integrity, Master Data Management, Digital Inventory, supply chain control.

PIT Solutions is involved in Master Data Management part of the solution. The quality of the master data forms the basis for a sustainable improvement in the supply chain, since faulty data end up in faulty key figures and faulty processes. For this nuWay provide algorithms that eliminate errors in the data, check their consistency and compare and enrich the content with external catalogues. Cleaned master data are the basis for reliable KPIs for management and clean control parameters for all peripheral systems. 

PIT Solutions Master data management tool is developed in Angular12 which includes an executive dashboard (with KPI charts in highchart ) and Task monitor dashboard (which updates users with the progress and status when various cleansing jobs kick off), which uses Web socket and data tables with slice, dice and search functionality on the master table(articles) data.

PIT Solutions has partnered with nuWay AG to develop a solution that caters to the needs of users who are looking for a digital transformation in healthcare

Customer nuWay AG
Industry Healthcare
Technology HTML, CSS, Angular12, AWS, Node.js