SETEC is an ecommerce shop selling automobile models. The store offers a range of products from railroad models, truck models, agricultural engine models or construction machinery models. These models are produced by well-known companies such as Conrad, NZG, Norscot or Motorart. is a fully responsive webshop developed using Magento 2 ecommerce platform. Magento 2 was opted for Setec because of the combination of multilingual multicountry multicurrency possibilities.

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Advanced search based on manufacturer is available in the shop. News from Setec facebook page is integrated in the homepage. Options to reserve a product and charge a fee for reserving a product are implemented in the shop. The shop has different customer groups who have different payment methods available. Invoice payment method with different rates of discounts for different customer groups is integrated in the shop.

Customer SETEC HTM
Industry E- Commerce
Technology Client Tier – PHP 7.0, Magento ver. 2.1.18, Data Tier - MySQL 10.3.18-MariaDB, Operating Platform - LINUX, Web Server - Apache 2, Development Environment - Net beans, PhpStorm, Source Control - Git, HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery 1.12.4