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smartTONi is a catering system that will make any commercial kitchen more efficient and effective. It makes food production simple and intuitive for anybody, so restaurant can deliver quality meals time after time, independent of its staff’s experience.

smartTONi provides every individual cook with a list of tasks that will contribute towards the preparation of the meal. It is updated in real time, dependent on incoming orders, with a constantly refreshing list of tasks. That means that everyone working in the kitchen knows what they need to do, and can deliver their simple action that contributes towards the overall meal.

Owners and chefs can manage all of their staff and kitchens centrally and in real time, coordinating, supporting and supervising operations, regardless of location. Managers can analyse performance data, food quality and costs, helping to increase transparency and improve the bottom line.

PIT Solutions offered a dedicated team to Smarttoni to realize their project.

Customer smartTONi plc
Industry Business/IT Service
Technology Android 10, React Native, React J S, PHP 7, Symfony 4/5, MySQL 5.7, JIRA/Confluence/BitBucket, BitBucket/AWS Code Pipeline/S3 and EC2