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Opened in December 2015, Souq Al Jubail has been a conventional market that is blended with the Emirate’s Islamic architect identity with its strategic location overlooking Sharjah Corniche and the Iconic Flag Island, stretches over an area of 400,000 square feet and up to 370 different shops. Souq Al Jubail visitors get to enjoy a unique shopping experience where they can buy the best product offerings and discover fresh food produce, services, events, and the diverse interactive activities happening throughout the year.

The market consists of three sections: fruits and vegetables section, fish section, and meat and poultry section. Moreover, a dedicated fish grill area that compliments the visitors’ experience where they can enjoy and indulge their taste buds with our mouth-watering dishes prepared at their best.

The main flow is like customer can purchase the product and can pay at any cashier points at the premises. Customer will get a receipt with barcode printed in it. A separate queue system prevails in the cutting section, there customer must get token, according to this token the cutting process is done. The customer has an option to grill his fish in the grilling section.

Thus, Souq Al Jubail business flows consists of Major ERP flows like Purchase, Sales, Accounting, Point of Sale, Inventory etc... for its issue free working.

Customer Souq Al Jubail
Industry Fish Business Unit
Data Storage ODOO 11.0, Ubuntu 20.04(OS), Python 3.7 , JavaScript, Nginx ,POSBOX Images 17 ,raspberry Pi 3B+ complete set ,PostgreSQL 10.0 ,GIT