SUNNYCLOCK is a mobile app designed to streamline the planning and organization of group leisure activities. It offers an integrated suite of features including chat, scheduling, and photo-sharing, ensuring a seamless experience for users. With the ability to create polls for date selection, share event details outside the app via web link or QR code, and maintain an interactive gallery of photos and videos,

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SUNNYCLOCK caters to a wide range of activities, from casual meetups to travel and goes beyond personal convenience by offering businesses targeted advertising opportunities to engage with groups planning events. This strategic approach utilizes event-driven marketing to connect with potential customers through:

General Advertising Space: Businesses can access a broad user base actively organizing events, ensuring wide visibility.

Event-Specific Targeted Advertising: Tailor ads to the guests of events, enhancing relevance with precise targeting based on the event's specifics.

Partnerships for Community Activities: Collaborate with SUNNYCLOCK to promote services or products in line with active and healthy lifestyles, gaining visibility among like-minded groups.

 Automated Event Feed Advertising: Engage users in real-time through the event feed, providing timely promotions or information to boost sales and interaction.

These advertising solutions are crafted to offer businesses meaningful and contextually appropriate ways to reach out to potential customers, establishing SUNNYCLOCK as an asset for both personal and business use in event-driven marketing. The App development leverages advanced technologies to deliver its features, including Firebase for secure user authentication, XMPP for efficient communication, and the Signal Protocol for private conversations, ensuring a reliable and private user experience.

Industry Entertainment
Technology Android, iOS, React Native, Laravel, Firebase, XMPP, KMP (Kotlin Multiplatform), Signal Protocol, Realm, Core Data, SQLite, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin