Swiss Escrow

Swiss Escrow, a service of Bellerive Trust GmbH focuses on providing their expertise in fiduciary and legal aspects for individual and business organizations. It provides a service platform to its users for keeping their software, documents, securities, items and money secured at a reliable place. Based on the conditions, access to viewing these assets is provided to the authorized personnel’s to whom it belongs, here Swiss Escrow works as a third and neutral party.

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The Escrow solutions of the site provides the complete details required for a viewer to know about the fiduciary and legal aspects and services offered related to software, documents, warranty claims and exchange of services. Each of these aspects have been detailed under their specific heads. For the ease of a viewer the sections in the site are linked to the respective services page. With the gaining of knowledge about the Escrow solutions, the “Fragen & Antworten” (FAQ) section of the site provides the answers to the likely questions which arises. The “Kosten” (Cost) section ensures that there is always a transparency between the service providers and customers so the cost related conditions and terms is readily available here. Any interested customer by providing their details in the “Downloads” section can avail the forms via the email which gets triggered to their registered email id. The map available in the “Kontakt” page, allows a user to view the Escrow office’s details.

As all the pages of the site are aligned in the order, that users needn’t navigate to and fro for the details or forms. The swiss Escrow, provides a one-stop legal services platform for all, in-order to safeguard their assets at all times.

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