Urban Mining - Kreislauflehrpfad

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Eberhard Unternehmungen, together with ETH Zurich opened Switzerland’s first interactive circular educational trial, which visualizes building material recycling to different audiences. The main aim of the kreislauflehrpfad interactive web portal is to educate their citizens from diverse communities of professionals, families, children and common people.

As a part, the Eberhard team decided to set up a digital platform that would allow its visitors to learn more about their services. PIT Solutions was involved in the concept design, integration and implementation of custom TYPO3 extensions for the website through which the Eberhard team could achieve their goal of interactive education platform. A user can access the system by scanning the respective QR code. There are different QR codes for different user groups which will be physically stamped at their factory premises. Soon after landing to the portal, the visitors will receive different posts that explains the working of each phase of recycling process. To make it more interactive PIT Solutions have designed and implemented a quiz module for completing each phase learning. As the platform allows two different user roles, one can switch to the other role if required just by clicking the option for role switch. So that the user will get the corresponding information. The platform is available in four different languages

Customer Eberhard Unternehmungen, ETH Zürich
Industry Construction/Education
Technology Typo3