VirtualX is a premium online exam system which enable users to setup and conduct examinations in an efficient manner and provide results instantaneously. VirtualX is offered as a hosted solutions and it is a Fully automated system for exam management, performance management and even as a home work solution for students.

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VirtualX support various types of questions including audio, video and passage based questions with support for sub questions. Question types like descriptive questions requires manual evaluation and for other questions types auto evaluation is enabled. Features like alternative answers for fill in the blanks and short answer question types, support to set questions in various languages enables organizations to cater their requirements well.
Exams and Homework’s can be handled with VirtualX and system supports various types of reports. When configuring an exam VirtualX allows customers with the below features

  • Flexible Exam Availability
  • Instruction Time – Additional time can be allocated to exams to go through the instructions shared.
  • Negative Marks
  • Publish Result settings
  • Multi Language Support – Exams can be conducted in different language, it’s a very flexible solution that even if the question is not available in the set exam language it will Fallback to the default one.
  • Course Assignment and auto assignments to associated students
  • Auto Evaluation
  • Assignment of Evaluators in case descriptive question type is included.
  • Group Evaluations

Exam attending window is loaded with many features like Exam Pallet, Exam timer with alerts, resume features and consolidated exam question answers page allows students to attend exam in hassle free manner. System efficiently evaluates the candidates thoroughly through the fully automated system and in case of descriptive question type system provides the feature to assign evaluators and the option for them to evaluate exam questions assigned to them.

Customer PIT Solutions AG
Industry eLearning
Technology Rails 5.0.0, Ruby 2.3.0, MySQL 5.7, XML/CSS/JavaScript