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Wequity is a website mainly focusing on women empowerment. Wequity provide services, tools, research, and resources that help organizations improve gender equity, especially in technology. Anyone interested can submit their resumes through the public form integrated at the homepage of the website. Website consists of a package section in which logged in users(employers) can purchase them and they could get access to download the resumes of candidates who submits their resumes within the website. In addition to the package purchase, a blog, a community section is also integrated to the website. 

The website allows users registered as employers to create their own accounts and log in to place an order. The Stripe payment gateway is used on the website

Customer Wequity
Industry Women Empowerment & E-commerce
Technology PHP 8,WordPress 5.8 & major plugins used are as follows:,Buddypress 9.1.1 ,Elementor 3.4.4,Woocommerce 2.6.0,WP All Export 1.7.1,WP All Import 4.7.0,WP Job Manager 1.35.2,HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery ,GIT,MySQL