Younity aims to provide insightful knowledge, tools, and techniques for individuals to realize their inner potential. They believe that everyone has the power to create their own universe and achieve well-being. The platform is committed to sourcing the best teachers, motivational speakers, tools, and methods from around the world and delivering them to users' homes.

Read More is Europe's number one online platform for personal and spiritual development. They have experienced significant growth in the past three years, touching the hearts of thousands of people. Responding to the demand, they have expanded and aim to spread their message to other countries as well. 

Based in Switzerland, emphasizes providing high-quality products and a learning experience that goes beyond what users may have experienced before. They offer a wide range of knowledge, practices, and techniques that can be directly applied in daily life to bring about positive changes. 

PIT Solutions takes great pride in being involved in Younity’s mission and successfully creating a visually appealing and fully responsive web platform using TYPO3. Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with the client, actively contributing to the design, integration, and implementation of the online platform. 

Customer Younity GmbH
Technology PHP 7.4, TYPO3 11 LTS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, MySQL, GIT, Google Analytics