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When it comes to enterprise-level CMS, PIT Solutions relies on development in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), formerly known as CQ5, for its larger business partners. AEM is based on JAVA, a technology used in many large enterprises.

We in PIT Solutions provides various AEM services like.

  • AEM Consulting and Development.
  • AEM administration, testing & deployment.
  • AEM Maintanence and Support
  • AEM Migartion .

AEM delivers your website contents across various channels and also across multiple websites in various languages as well contents optimized for various devices. All with a different user experience.

AEM is used by major corporations such as Time Warner Cable, Audi, BMW, Avery Dennison, La Quinta, ASICS, DSW, Fossil and many more. For all these huge websites, AEM simplifies the management and delivery of websites' content and assets, and reduces the complexity of delivering online experiences to the right customers.

Some of the technical advantages of Adobe AEM are

  • Open-source and Open standards driven architecture (JCR, Apache Jackrabbit etc)
  • Highly modular and decoupled architecture, every module is an OSGi bundle - whether it is AEM modules or custom modules
  • Scalable and performant hierarchical content repository for all type of contents including digital assets
  • Content-driven REST framework Apache Sling brings back the fun to work with JCR
  • Managing templates, configuration and code as content has advantages in flexibility and extensibility
  • Strong in-place editing, component drag and drop widgets and components
  • AEM 6.0 introduces CRX 3 aka JackRabbit Oak with MicroKernel (MK) implementation with current variations TarMK and MongoMK, with others in the pipeline
  • By default repository content can be stored as tar files (TarMK) which offers high-availability, failover and compatibility to CRX 2.0
  • MongoMK offers high-scalability and read-throughput can be increased by adding new MongoDB replicas, MongoMK suitable shard based scenarios such as user generated content and social content
  • Valid HTML5 templates supported by HTML5 widgets and components
  • E-commerce integration framework with connector for various commerce engines including Hybris, ElasticPath, Intershop
  • Solid digital asset management functionality with native integration with Scene7 for dynamic media delivery
  • Simple visual workflow designer that covers most use cases and can be easily extended for new ones
  • Decent multilingual support and management, DAM can be used for multilingual purposes
  • Intuitive, user-friendly, and attractive authoring and management interfaces
  • Coral UI is designed to provide unified and clean HTML5 markup and support new touch-optimises UI
  • Responsive web design ready including support for responsive images
  • Leverages PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) JavaScript libraries to integrate device features to deliver device components
  • Dispatcher on-disk cache along with newly introduced AEM’s own in-memory HTTP Cache (“HTTP Cache Filter”)
  • AEM clustering can support a variety of setups and configurations, easy to add or remove nodes without downtime
  • Live copy, rollout and multi-site manager are quite handy when deploying multi-channel/multi-site content.
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