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Historically, PIT Solutions is always a big fan of Microsoft Technologies. We have seen the evolution of .NET framework right from the start to .NET MVC as of today. .NET framework has been always a leader when it comes to the right technology for building scalable business applications. 

We have an excellent team of .NET programmers dedicated to building world-class applications for our global clients. In our .NET Lab, more than just implementing client needs we also built our own framework which makes the development cycles much faster and efficient .The .NET Lab of PIT Solutions combines business and technical knowhow to realize customer wishes into fully functional software applications thereby helping them to 

  • Increase their ability to compete globally by integrating leading Internet-enabled applications.
  • Improve their response to market needs by keeping critical enterprise software up-to-date.
  • Speed the pace of technological change within their organizations while keeping costs always under control.

PIT Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Click on the image below to view our partner page:

Our .NET Lab constantly follow the developments in the Microsoft .NET domain specifically on Sharepoint area in order to provide clients with the best solutions. We have a knowledge pool in Sharepoint area. The reason behind our special interest in Sharepoint is as follows. Using SharePoint 2010, employees in an enterprise can share ideas and expertise, create custom solutions for specific needs, and find the right business information to make better decisions. For IT, SharePoint helps to cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort, and focus on higher business priorities.

Our expertise, spanning the entire life span of the Microsoft .NET technology itself, combined with our energetic team blend to render us in a position to provide powerful yet cost-effective solutions. Our continuing support to the applications we developed has enabled us to build long-term relationships with our clients, leading to repeat business from them and the companies they refer us to.

We offer the following services in the .NET domain:

  • Client-Server Applications
  • Website and Web applications
  • Web and Windows services
  • Web and Windows Rich Client services
  • Content Management Systems 
  • OLAP (Pivot based Graph and Tabular data) Reporting
  • SQL Reporting services
  • Sharepoint Webpart development

The latest .NET tools and technologies are made use of in the .NET Lab so as to provide the best solutions to our customers. Of these, some of the more extensively used tools and technologies are:

  • ASP.NET-C#/VB.NET Websites and Web Applications
  • Windows and Web Services
  • Sitecore, Sitefinity,DotNetNuke and Umbraco CMS
  • SharePoint 2010 for collaboration
  • SSRS, Crystal Reports, List & Label, InfragisticsNetAdvantage
  • ASP.NET Ajax toolkit
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5.0
  • WebORB
  • SQL Server2010
  • MVC4
  • Microsoft Entity Framework
  • Telerik Framework

.Net Frameworks/Libraries

  •  HangFire
  • WCF
  • Sharepoint
  • Search Server Express
  •  ASP.NET SignalR
  •  Entity Framework

Windows Azure

  •  Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Azure Container Registry
  • Azure App Services
  •  Azure Active Directory/Azure Active Directory B2C
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