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Why PIT Solutions?

When one of our client was asking for an open source Java based Content Management System that could fit for small as well as large clients, we ended up in Magnolia as we found it is one among the best solutions available in the market.

PIT Solutions engineers have hands on experience working on Magnolia projects. We work both on fixed price project of our own and client’s favourite dedicated resource model, When we work with European clients, we also offer project management service locally in their local language, be it in German, French or Italian.

Why Magnolia?

Magnolia CMS is a Java-based content management system that uses a JCR repository to store, retrieve and search data. In this respect Magnolia is similar to Adobe Experience Manager, Hippo CMS and Jahia which also use JCR. Magnolia uses Apache Jackrabbit, the JCR reference implementation by default. Magnolia comes with both free and Enterprise versions which is a key differentiator from other giants like Adobe AEM.

If you are building a complex Web site, a standard CMS often won't satisfy all your requirements. Then you need to customize it and because each CMS its own API and architecture, you'll usually need to invest a fair amount of time learning it before even start adding custom features. From a development perspective, the ideal solution would be a CMS that can be customized without needing any special training or knowledge. If you're a spring developer, Magnolia is an ideal fit to meet your needs. Magnolia is an open-source, enterprise-grade CMS written entirely in Java, has recently added spring support, allowing spring developers to easily extend the base CMS with custom functionality using their existing knowledge of the Spring Framework.

About Magnolia

Magnolia is a digital business platform with a CMS at its core. Magnolia is more than just a content management system. Companies like Airbus Group,Sony, Avis Budget,Virgin America, BMG, etc use Magnolia as the central hub for their web, mobile and IoT initiatives. Magnolia's unique open suite approach allows organizations to go to market fast, integrate easily with third-party systems and adapt quickly to changing business priorities. This enables them to create outstanding multi-channel personalized digital experiences. 

Magnolia started off as a content management system, and it is still the heart of Magnolia. But now it is much richer in digital business platform, enabling organizations to integrate their best-of-breed tools, from e-commerce to ERP. Not only you can choose your favourite digital tools to create the system you want, but you can also scale up what you want, from corporate websites to multi-site projects and beyond. Magnolia’s app framework and easy-to-use interface allow marketing teams to create, edit and manage content on the move.

Some of the pleasant features provided by Magnolia


Front-end fast
Front-end developers can rapidly deliver new features and even entire projects, without any Java.
Back-end powerful
Magnolia CORE gives Java developers unlimited power to customize the entire Magnolia platform.
We do the rest
Built-in REST API and API explorer makes it easy to use Magnolia in headless or hybrid setups.
A rock-solid platform
Both Magnolia CORE and NOW are powered by the same rock-solid, high-performance Java platform.


Cloud-based with NOW
Highly-tuned, worry-free deployments running on enterprise-grade infrastructure.
Total control with CORE
Deploy Magnolia CORE on-premise for complete control and flexibility.
On-premise or in the cloud, Magnolia is highly configurable and has rich troubleshooting capabilities.
Dependable and scalable
Magnolia’s rock-solid Java platform scales to reliably serve millions of visitors a day.


Personalize better
Engage visitors and increase conversions with easy-to-use personalization that lets you deliver relevant content.
Manage global brands
Create and manage multiple sites across brands, channels and languages from one easy-to-use platform.
Launch rapidly
Respond quickly to market changes, fine-tune strategies and launch online campaigns in days.
Succeed in E-commerce
Connect with your shop system and marketing automation tools to create content-rich e-commerce experiences.


Create great content
Easy-to-use, web-based apps free you up to focus on producing the content that matters.
Trust the versioning
Your edits and changes are backed up, so you never have to worry about losing previous versions or breaking things.
Engage your audience
With just a few clicks, you can personalize parts of pages to create compelling digital experiences for your readers.
Enjoy authoring
Magnolia's authoring tools make it easy, efficient and even fun to create, preview and edit content.

1. Develop your own apps:
Magnolia's app framework enables you to create increased functionality with sets of closely related tasks or data. Apps can help end users manage specific functions such as editing product and customer information, managing social channels and configuring beacons.

2. Separating content Storage from management:
Magnolia includes a standards compliant content repository with support for structured and unstructured content. However, content can also reside in other systems or on the web. This approach decouples content storage from content management and provides a common API that enables standardized content reuse across the enterprise and between applications.

3. Fast front-end templating:
Magnolia contains a set of templates that is front-end framework agnostic, easy to understand and easy to integrate. Use the default Freemarker templating or add your own templating language, like Mustache or Handlebars.

4. Speak Groovy:
Magnolia also speaks Groovy, so you can be agile and dynamic with your code whilst still retaining the full power, scalability and security of the Java stack.

5. Customize your workflows:
A 4-eye workflow comes built-in with Magnolia, but you can customize and extend it as you like. Merge or unbundle workflows to help website authors and administrators get things done faster.

6. Backup and restore:
Export and restore your website content (including revisions if needed) with Magnolia's backup tools. Perfect for migrating content from one Magnolia instance to another.

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