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PIT Solutions develop flawless and dynamic single page applications for businesses of all sizes. We have a dedicated team made up of Frontend experts who have extensive experience in crafting Vue.js powered solutions for various industries. We plan and execute cost effective application to meet the needs of the clients and thereby enhancing their businesses. Our team takes over the whole development cycle right from the initiation up until delivery and further support. As the technology is evolving at a fast phase, our developers are constantly looking for new updates and updating themselves with the new trends in their field. Along with Vue.js, the team has excellent technical expertise in other Frontend languages and frameworks as well.

About Vue.js (Vue)

Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework used to develop interactive web interfaces and single page applications. The main highlight of Vue is that it has taken the good parts of Angular and React and has built a powerful library which is much faster and lighter than the others. It is built on top of standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript which makes it easier for develop. Vue is very easy to integrate and under the hood it has a refined reactivity system combined with declarative rendering. We have developers who have expertise in working with various inbuilt features of Vue such as Routing, State Management, testing utilities, CLI and many more.

Reasons of using Vue

1. Incredibly Small App Size

The foremost reason to use Vue is that its app size is incredibly low, lying in the range 18-21Kb. However, despite being small, it offers high speed, making it a clear win for Vue over the others. This encourages developers to pick Vue.js framework for both small and large-scale projects.

2. Higher Performance

One of the other advantages of Vue for development is that it provides higher performance. Vue operates using the virtual DOM which means, the changes made during the development process won’t reflect directly on the DOM. A replica of the DOM will be created and stored in the form of JS data structures. This puts Vue ahead of angular.

3. Two-way and reactive data binding

This is considered as one of the most important aspects of Vue. A link between JS and the virtual DOM and vice versa is established by the two-way binding of Vue. Reactive data binding keeps it updated without human interference. The v-model directive is a perfect example for this.

4. Ease of Integration

Since it is a framework of JS, it can be easily integrated with any existing application where JS integration is possible. This encourages developers to create apps with Vue.js from scratch as well as to introduce Vue elements into their existing apps.

5. Flexibility

The most highly appreciated feature of Vue.js for  web development is flexibility. It enables web development companies to write templates in HTML and JS to run them directly on multiple different browsers.

6. Computed Properties

One of the Vue benefits is to help listen to the changes made to the UI elements and perform the necessary calculations. There is no need for additional coding for this.

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