Healthcare Consultation with AI


PIT Solutions has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) based virtual interactive platform where a virtual consultant will handle different administrative and organisational responsibilities remotely.

This AI driven virtual assistants can enhance customer experience by engaging patients in their healthcare journey by providing personalized guidance and support.


The clients would like a virtual assistant to help streamline administrative processes, improve communication, and enhance the efficiency of clinic operations, all while working remotely to meet the rapidly evolving new expectations and demands from both healthcare providers and patients. 

This applications should increase the accessibility, convenience, patient engagement, and satisfaction while supporting healthcare providers in delivering more efficient and effective care.


The client wanted us to address the following challenges:

  • The most common issue is finding a suitable time slot that accommodates both the patient's schedule and the availability of the healthcare provider.
  • Mistakes in booking appointments, such as double bookings or scheduling conflicts, can occur due to manual entry or miscommunication.
  • Avoid patients from undergoing unnecessary tests, consultations, or treatments that do not address their underlying health issue as this will decrease trust in the healthcare system.
  • Remove Language barriers, particularly for individuals who are not fluent in the language spoken by healthcare providers in their region as this might lead to delay in seeking care, confusion, anxiety, and reluctance to comply with treatment recommendations.


  • We began by developing the chatbot's conversational flow using Google's DialogFlow, followed by integrating a preliminary diagnostic assessment feature using standard questionnaires.
  • We enabled dynamic questionnaire generation and certain domain specific features within the chatbot through webhook integration with some backend functions hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Additionally, we streamlined medical consultation scheduling by integrating the chatbot with our backend appointment system for real-time slot availability checks.
  • To ensure a smooth user experience across languages, we utilized DialogFlow's multilingual capabilities for language detection and response generation.
  • Moreover, we enhanced the chatbot's capabilities by integrating advanced AI-driven avatars for lifelike virtual representation during interactions.
  • We further improved user engagement by implementing real-time video interactions using video call capabilities, with avatars dynamically adjusting facial expressions and gestures to reflect conversation sentiment.

Business Benefits

  • Provide round-the-clock assistance, allowing users to access information and support at any time of the day or night, regardless of time zones or business hours.
  • Has the capacity to provide support to a large user base without compromising quality
  • Has the ability to communicate and react in several languages, increasing engagement and loyalty.
  • Real-time interaction enhances user satisfaction and reduces frustration, particularly for time-sensitive inquiries.
  • Can streamline the appointment scheduling process by allowing patients to book appointments, reschedule, or cancel appointments thereby reducing no-show rates.
  • Prior analysis of the symptoms can lead to more efficient appointments and faster initiation of treatment.

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