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In 2015, PIT Solutions helped Floorballshop upgrade its old-fashioned Magento store to a modern webshop that works well on any device and encourages more sales. The original store wasn't mobile-friendly, so customers had a tough time browsing, and fewer people were buying things. 

We made the website better by adding new features, making it work on phones and tablets, and offering it in both English and German. Our goal was to give customers a great experience no matter what device they use and make Floorballshop stand out from competitors. This way, we aimed to build strong, long-term loyalty from customers. 

Deal of the Week Functionality 

By introducing the "Deal of the Week," Floorballshop could highlight a special product for a limited time, making customers excited and feel like they needed to act quickly. This feature let Floorballshop showcase different items from their collection and encourage customers to explore new products or get special discounts. 

Floorballshop had complete control over picking which products to feature. They could choose based on factors like popularity, the season, or new arrivals. This control allowed Floorballshop to match the featured products with their marketing plans and available stock, making sure customers always had an interesting and changing shopping experience. 

Floorballshop could also decide how long each deal would last. This flexibility allowed them to make promotions that lasted a week or even shorter if they wanted to create a sense of urgency. 


The "Stickfinder" feature made it easy for customers to find the perfect hockey stick by giving them different options to choose from. They could use filters like how it looks, gender, playing hand, height, brand, weight, and budget to narrow down their choices. This helped customers find a stick that matched exactly what they were looking for. 

Whether customers had a specific look in mind or needed a stick for their playing hand and height, the "Stickfinder" feature had a simple and easy-to-use interface. With just a few clicks, customers could get rid of choices that didn't fit what they wanted, focusing only on the sticks that had the features they were looking for. 

Effective Customer Group Management 

Floorballshop improved how they handle customers by putting them into groups based on things like what they bought before, their details, or if they're part of a loyalty program. This helped Floorballshop understand their customers better. They used this info to make special marketing plans and give each group a more personal experience. 

For each customer group, Floorballshop could make special rules for discounts and offers. This way, customers felt special and got rewards for being loyal. Floorballshop gave exclusive discounts, early peeks at new stuff, or special rewards, making customers want to keep coming back. 

Streamlined Inventory Management 

PIT Solutions and Floorballshop's team worked closely together to set up a system that made managing their stock much smoother. This system ensured that any changes to the number of products available were instantly updated on the online store. 

Thanks to this improved inventory management system, Floorballshop could keep track of how many of each product they had accurately. Whether it was new items arriving, restocking, or any other changes, the system kept everything up-to-date in real-time. This helped Floorballshop efficiently manage their entire product catalogue. 

Pickup from Store Option

Understanding the significance of Floorballshop's brick-and-mortar store, PIT Solutions introduced a "Pickup from Store" choice. This feature allowed customers who made online orders to decide to pick up their items directly from the physical store. It created a convenient and smooth connection between the online and in-person shopping experiences. 

Integration of Vendor Products 

To expand Floorballshop's product offerings, we integrated other vendors' products into their webshop. This allowed customers to access a wider range of items, including shovels, grips, goalie equipment, shoes, bags, clothing, accessories, and training/game equipment. Orders placed for these products were fulfilled by the respective vendors, ensuring efficient delivery and a diverse product catalogue for Floorballshop's customers. 

DHL – Online Shipping Integration 

Floorballshop offers worldwide shipping. To enhance this global shipping experience, we implemented an online shipping integration with DHL. Customers can now track their shipments in real-time, providing them with accurate and up-to-date delivery information. This contributes to a more reliable and trustworthy shipping experience. 

The integration allows Floorballshop to manage various shipping-related tasks, such as generating shipping labels, calculating shipping costs, and ensuring compliance with international shipping regulations. This high level of integration ensures that Floorballshop can consistently provide reliable shipping services to customers, regardless of their location around the globe. 


Moving from an old-fashioned HTML website to a modern and adaptable online store powered by Magento, Floorballshop has joined the digital revolution. They've added many useful features, given customers more personalized experiences, and made everything work together smoothly. As a result, they've built a loyal group of customers and seen impressive growth in the competitive online shopping world. 

All these improvements and features helped Floorballshop get more customers and make them happier. The website now looks good and works well on all devices, making customers happy. PIT Solutions kept improving the website and listening to what customers had to say, which helped Floorballshop become even better online. 

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