e-commerce portal for Hockey sports accessories.

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Unihockeyshop is an online shop to sell floor ball sports accessories. This shop has been developed using Magento. It has a good customer base as well as high traffic. One can find all popular brands of floor ball sports over here. And it also gives an option for its visitors and loyal customers to shop by brands as well as categories. The shop is also well connected with the social networking sites. Basically the store is attractive and easy to browse the products and checkout. Its core simplicity and its unique products made most of its visitors turned out to be its regular customers and they very hardly abandon their carts.

We prefer to use Magento as it has almost all of the features that require running and managing an online shop successfully, in this very competitive e-commerce world. And whenever a customer places an order it will also send an email attached with a PDF which has the list of items ordered by the customer to the respective stake holders mentioned in the store back end. And most part of the things on the front end can be easily managed from the store admin from the back end.

This store also has a sub store called Floorballdeal.ch which is very helpful as a tool to increase sales and get traffic. Here the store owner can offer one special article per day to a favorable price.

Final Deployment

The site is hosted in a Linux Web server. We have been maintaining the site since its deployment.

Customer Argentum Sport AG
Industry Sports
Language German, French
Technology Magento Ajax, PHP 5.6.20, MySQL 5.5.44, Prototype, jQuery