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Mobile app development is a core area for PIT Solutions. Therefore, we offer best in class technology framework for developing apps. We are experts in developing app using Google’s revolutionary framework, Flutter. Our team of Flutter app developers helps you to build multi-platform applications with seamless animations, appealing UI, and excellent performance. Our Flutter app developers use a single codebase to create cross-platform apps that eliminate bugs, accelerate app development, increases the productivity and thereby boost your ROI.

We can assure you that PIT Solutions is the right partner, if you are looking to start a new project with an industry-best flutter app development company. We cooperate with our clients from start till the end and even offer post-development maintenance


What is Flutter?

It is an open source software development kit developed by Google and released in May 2017 that allows developers to program applications for at least six platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and Fuchsia) using a single Codebase work. However, Flutter is most commonly used in front-end (UI) development of mobile apps (Android and iOS). Google's introduction of Flutter led to massive competition in cross-platform application development.

Why Flutter?

1. Cross-platform development

Flutter was developed from scratch and uses its own unique programming language, Dart. Moreover, its apps are compiled natively and so, building an app with it is far more seamless and requires less heavy coding.

2. Flexible programming

The hot reload feature allows developers to modify code in real-time. This is very useful, particularly in debugging and testing. It is time-saving too since the app won’t have to restart to see changes. 

3. Faster building process

Flutter is a cost-effective tool for start-ups looking to develop one native app quickly for up to six operating systems, including the two major mobile platforms: Android and iOS. It is much easier to manage one app from a single codebase that works on six platforms than to manage six apps.

4. Similar to Native App performance

In contrast to most cross-platform frameworks, Flutter does not rely on intermediate code representations or interpretations. The Flutter application is built directly into the machine code, which eliminates any performance issues associated with the interpretation process. With Flutter, you get a fully compiled release application ahead of time.

5. A growing community

Flutter has a robust community, Developers can ask questions about issues and get answers quickly. There are good documentation available too. You can learn a lot from Flutter's documentation, and everything is very detailed with easy examples for basic use cases. 

6. Little/Minimal Code

Each Flutter app is built using Dart programming language, which uses JIT and AOT compilation for faster start-up time, faster performance, and smoother functionality. With the JIT feature, you can increase the speed of development and refresh the UI.

7. Expressive and Flexible UI

Flutter offers a customizable layered architecture that allows for highly customizable designs, expressive UIs, and fast rendering. 
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